Joe Pride

Senior Project Manager

About Joe

Joe Pride is a highly accomplished Senior Cybersecurity Project Manager with a distinguished career spanning 17 years in the military, energy and utility sectors.

With a solid background in mechanical engineering and an MBA, Joe’s track record is marked by outstanding achievements. Joe led NextEra Energy’s IT team at a federally regulated power transmission utility through a successful M&A integration. Furthermore, Joe built the NERC CIP cybersecurity program, overseeing two flawless cybersecurity audits. He skillfully crafted and executed a five-year capital improvement plan amounting to $11 million annually.

Prior to NextEra, Joe excelled as a business, engineering and data analyst at Chesapeake Midstream Partners, a natural gas pipeline provider. He also gained invaluable experience as an officer and manager, leading field operations and IT support teams in the U.S. Coast Guard.

How Joe helps his clients
Joe's greatest strength lies in his ability to plan and tailor team responses to align with clients' unique industrial processes, cybersecurity goals and regulatory strategies. Leveraging his diverse background, he offers a corporate-level perspective that unveils innovative solutions while considering the current state of affairs. Joe's ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between technology and business, providing clients with actionable insights and exceptional value.

What motivates Joe
Motivated by a passion for helping leaders within organizations overcome seemingly impossible challenges, Joe thrives on revealing crucial focal points and enabling effective problem-solving. His unwavering commitment to delivering proper results ensures clients receive tailored solutions that drive continued success.

A little about Joe
Joe cherishes spending quality time with his kids by going on spontaneous field trips and adventures. He finds solace in locations like Astoria, Oregon, where a sense of tranquility permeates the air. When it comes to his culinary preferences, Joe's go-to choice is a perfectly cooked steak.


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