Aaron Moeller

Project Manager | Wind Power

About Aaron

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Aaron enjoys working to understand all the moving parts and formulating a strategy to exceed clients’ expectations in the renewable energy industry.

Aaron graduated with a degree in industrial technology from Iowa State University. With over 18 years of experience in project management, engineering and renewable energy, he has a great appreciation for diversified work. Able to work under difficult conditions, Aaron always gets the job done, including a project in Mexico bringing advanced technology to a new region and helping to provide opportunities for the local community.

How Aaron helps his clients
Aaron is driven to get renewable projects installed on time. He approaches solutions from an installation perspective to see that projects are thoroughly planned and can be delivered on budget. With support from his tight-knit, motivated team, Aaron is able to guide clients to the right plan to be successful.

What motivates Aaron
Aaron is motivated by reliability. He enjoys the constant evolution among his tasks, since each project is dynamic in its own ways. A perfectionist, Aaron will always dig into every detail, seeing that no project is ever done halfway. Aaron thrives when interacting with his team and making sure they are being safe and following timelines. Most importantly, he finds great value in constant communication with people so that every client walks away with a good product at the end of the day.

A little bit about Aaron
On a day off, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, Liz, and their daughter, Ayla. He also participates in his community's doubles sand volleyball team, as well as riding mountain bikes, skiing and going paddleboarding in Colorado. His favorite place he has traveled to is Barcelona, Spain, where he enjoyed an array of tapas and exquisite wine. One of Aaron’s many hobbies is repurposing furniture to fit his wants and needs while adding his own creative flair.


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