Santosh Bhadule

Section Manager | Software Solutions

About Santosh

​As a section manager at 1898 & Co., Santosh assists clients in building enterprise software solutions and guiding them through their digital transformation journey by bringing greater capabilities and increased efficiency to their organizations.

Santosh attended the University of Mumbai, where he studied engineering and computer software technology. He began his career as a consultant in the United States, leading clients in industrial internet of things and technology consulting before joining 1898 & Co. as a senior technology manager. On a particularly memorable project, Santosh was asked to jump into the middle of a client project suffering from cost overruns. Using his experience, he was able to successfully identify the underlying challenges and develop a standardized approach to allow the client to successfully launch the solution on time and on budget. For Santosh, the best part of the project was the combination of engineers and software developers that led to the success of the project. This unique blend of technologists and engineers is also what serves as a key differentiator of 1898 & Co.

How Santosh helps his clients
Santosh understands that technology is always changing and that every organization can benefit from digital innovation and transformation. He thrives by taking clients through a journey of technology discovery and designing solutions to their most complicated problems. Santosh believes the biggest benefit of merging engineering and technology is the ability to provide purpose-built solutions and form great relationships.

What motivates Santosh
The work culture and team at 1898 & Co. are what push Santosh to excel daily. He is grateful to be surrounded by a team of smart people who serve as a constant reminder to persevere. He is also motivated by the Burns & McDonnell principle that “client service drives our success.” He appreciates the challenge of managing clients' high expectations, and the process of coming up with solutions that can perform well and build credible relationships.

A little bit about Santosh
Santosh is an avid fan of cricket, and he enjoys playing the sport as well as watching it. When not playing cricket he is involved in supporting STEM outreach programs as well as working with several Indian community organizations He also enjoys watching sci-fi movies, cooking traditional Indian dishes and, most importantly, spending time with his family. His guilty pleasure food is brownies, and he is a fan of Jack Stack BBQ.


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