Paul Von Hertsenberg

Director | Power Generation Asset Advisory

About Paul

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Paul leads the team supporting generation owners and operators through the full life cycle of the power plant. From site selection studies to decommissioning cost estimates, he helps clients get the most return out of their investments.

Paul graduated from the University of Michigan, where he studied mechanical engineering, going on to earn his master’s in energy systems engineering. After graduation, he started in the power industry working for a large midwestern investor-owned utility as an engineer before taking on several roles of increasing responsibility including outage management, engineering management, fleet reliability leadership and plant management. Moving to 1898 & Co., Paul takes his operational experience to clients around the country as they plan for and manage their generating assets, including understanding the total costs and risks associated with the development, operation and retirement of those assets.

How Paul helps his clients
Paul helps his clients get the most out of their assets. He provides studies that are routinely used in public utility commission filings as support for long-range planning decisions and as a resource to optimize operations and drive down operation and maintenance costs. He takes a pragmatic approach to improving operations and has significant experience identifying and implementing better ways to operate. He also has experience assessing risks, including operational, contractual and environmental risks associated with generation facilities to support acquisition and divestment opportunities.

What motivates Paul
Having spent the majority of his career working in generation assets, Paul has experience with too many plans that look good on paper but can’t be applied inside the generation asset. He understands how to balance ongoing needs of daily operations with project-side initiatives and improvements and is committed to making sure his clients get detailed, actionable strategies they can use to be successful every day.

A little bit about Paul
Paul is a bit of a history buff, specifically around the industrial revolution. He has been known to spend hours researching a single city block to understand its history.


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