Debashis Bose

Project Manager | Resource Planning and Market Assessments

About Debashis

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Debashis works with clients to understand where energy markets are going and how to plan effectively for changes impacting the industry.

Debashis attended IIEST University in Shibpur, West Bengal, India, where he studied civil engineering and then earned his MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has experience working in energy markets performing energy market studies, IRP studies, RFP evaluations and portfolio assessments, as well as providing transaction advisory services.

How Debashis helps his clients
Debashis has experience working in the transaction advisory and energy market assessment space and has a solid understanding of the nuances within each energy market in the U.S. During times of regulatory and climate change uncertainties, he partners with clients to make critical decisions that impact future operations. Debashis strives to make clients successful by helping them make informed decisions based on deep understanding of the energy industry backed with in-depth analysis and risk assessment.

What motivates Debashis
Debashis is motivated by helping his clients become more successful and achieve their goals in a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner. Working together with clients and maintaining open communication and clear expectations keeps Debashis excited for each project. At the end of the day, the work he gets to be a part of directly impacts his clients and their customers and stakeholders.

A little bit about Debashis
An ideal day off for Debashis involves relaxing and spending time with his family and close friends, watching soccer and cricket games.


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