Craig Jett

Director | Security Consulting

About Craig

Craig has over 25 years of experience as a cybersecurity services executive in both consulting and managed security services. He excels in leading large resource security teams in geographically dispersed environments. He is dynamic technology and cybersecurity executive who specializes in the transformation and growth of security businesses and organizations across diverse industry verticals. His proficiency extends to aligning client needs to service offerings, and service offerings to the recruitment of world-class cybersecurity talent. Craig earned his bachelor’s degree in business information systems and computer science at Marshall University, where he serves on the university’s Digital Forensics & Information Assurance Board of Advisors.

How Craig helps his clients
For Craig, security integration into all our work at 1898 & Co. is indispensable. He recognizes the seamless synergy between security and our consultancy at 1898 & Co. He is dedicated to helping clients face substantial challenges and strongly believes that their efforts are impactful not only in safeguarding businesses but in enhancing the safety of the broader community. His profound concern for cybersecurity, especially in critical infrastructure, drives him and his team to deliver the utmost safety and security for their clients.

What motivates Craig
As an experienced cybersecurity services executive, Craig is fueled by two primary motivations: his value for his team — aspiring for their success and seeing that they are properly equipped and energized to deliver exceptional results to clients — and a profound desire to use cybersecurity as a tool to contribute to a better, safer world. These twin passions underpin Craig's professional journey, guiding his efforts to both support his team and make a positive impact on global security challenges.

A little about Craig 
Outside of work, Craig enjoys hiking and has conquered multiple fourteeners. He is also a scuba diver and holds several diving certifications. With an adventurous spirit, Craig enjoys discovering new dining experiences and exploring the world through travel. His travel endeavors often revolve around ancient civilizations or animals. Throughout his travels to 46 countries, Craig has collected coffee beans to cultivate the perfect shot of espresso each morning.