Brittany Hixon

Project Manager | Generation Consulting and Capital Asset Planning

About Brittany

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Brittany specializes in delivering generation consulting and capital asset planning solutions to clients. With a degree in mechanical engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Brittany brings a strong technical background to her role. Her journey led her into the patent law industry, where she passed the patent bar, but her passion for engineering eventually drew her back, leading her to her current position at 1898 & Co.

How Brittany helps her clients
Brittany's experience lies in deeply understanding her clients’ pain points and providing tailored solutions for different aspects of their plants. Through insightful conversations, she uncovers their needs and works diligently behind the scenes, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience to develop accurate models, estimates and comprehensive reports that align with requirements. Brittany's unique perspective, honed through countless studies, allows her to approach projects with a fresh outlook.

What motivates Brittany
Being part of an industry that powers communities fuels her drive. Brittany finds motivation in the gratitude expressed by her clients for the valuable contributions she and her team provide. She takes pride in delivering assistance and products that genuinely meet clients' needs and exceed their expectations. Brittany values building authentic relationships with her clients and treating them with the same respect and care she would expect, as she believes that successful work is built on trust and mutual understanding.

A little about Brittany 
Brittany’s favorite thing to do is spend quality time with her family — embarking on exciting adventures, discovering new places and creating lasting memories together. In her leisure time, Brittany enjoys crafting home videos that capture cherished moments, allowing her to relive and reflect on happy times. She admits to having a weakness for candies, indulging her sweet tooth on occasion.


Infrastructure Modernization

Capital Asset Planning

Strategic Asset Management

Project Planning & Development

Transmission & Distribution Planning

Published Work

End-of-Life Planning for Offshore Wind Farms Cannot Wait - White Paper