Business Strategy & Transformation

Advance your business with people-focused approaches that leverage the strengths of your assets to modernize existing systems and adopt leading technologies.


For organizations trying to navigate a future that’s rapidly transforming, you need guidance that understands the current landscape, anticipates the trajectory of change and knows how to manage change while mitigating risk. You need specialists that know your industry and can bring real-world solutions to meet your most pressing challenges and help you prepare for the future.

We embed our research into the real world, working across regions and industries to provide a global view of how markets are evolving, balanced with the challenges you face running your business every day. We understand the power of an engaged workforce and incorporate people into our planning and strategy to see that you are set up to be successful as you move forward. As industries change and institutional knowledge retires, it’s critical that leaders plan for a smooth transition and develop the right strategies today to prepare for the future.

Our Services

Emerging Energy Advisory

We understand the challenges facing providers navigating the pressures of shifting consumer demands in the face of emerging sources of energy.

Infrastructure Modernization

We help you build an infrastructure modernization plan that aligns with your business goals, meets customer needs and employs the right technology.

People, Culture & Change

We help you establish a strong foundation based on the strengths of your people, your culture and the idea that change is a critical determinant of success.

Process & Performance Management

Our technical specialists guide owner/operators of critical infrastructure assets in evolving operations to enhance performance, optimize processes and commit to continuous improvement.

Meet the Team

  • Aaron Anderson

    Senior Managing Director | Generation Consulting

  • Steven Berens

    Senior Consultant | Management Consulting

  • Doug Houseman

    Senior Managing Consultant | Management Consulting

  • Mark Knight

    Senior Managing Consultant | Management Consulting

  • Julie Lorenz

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Joshua Loyd

    Senior Project Manager | Management Consulting

  • Lucas McIntosh

    Managing Director | Management Consulting

  • Dean Mitchell

    Senior Management Consultant | Management Consulting

  • Lee Orrison

    Principal Consultant | Creative Consulting

  • Pedro Pires

    Senior Consultant | Transaction Advisory | London

  • Rajiv Singhal

    Director | Management Consulting

  • Charles Tooman

    Director | Management Consulting

  • Jennifer Wheeler

    Senior Project Manager | Zero Fleet Emissions Technology