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  • Competitive and market analysis
  • Digital transformation road mapping
  • People change management consulting
  • Process mapping and optimization
  • Strategy workshop facilitation
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Utility consumer program strategy

A business architecture starts with a vision and moves into purposeful collaboration to support timely, educated business decisions. We leverage robust frameworks and disciplines to align all dimensions of your business and unlock the comprehensive value of transformation initiatives across your enterprise.

Transformation trends can be both industry-specific and industry-agnostic. Business today requires a blend of innovation, collaboration and agility. As we work with you to create an executable plan, we deconstruct the big picture to reveal the connectivity between your financial plans, portfolio assets, organizational structure, supply chain and more. This exposes the challenges and changes that your business strategy must solve for. We look beyond the immediate symptoms or questions and work alongside you to craft a playbook for what you see now and what you will face next.

A structured approach supports proactive asset management

A formal program for managing assets supported by international standards improves decision-making, mitigates risk and reduces total cost of ownership.

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Our methods calculate the flow of transformation trends into your operations and value chain. Business transformation often begins as a response to difficult challenges: changing market demands, losses in competitive standing, or reductions in financial performance. Or, perhaps the drive starts with a desire to proactively take on initiatives and get ahead of anticipated technology evolutions. No matter the motivation, the results can lead to highly empowered and engaged people, unified behind a consistent strategy, leveraging the latest tools and data to enable customer success and create a high-performing enterprise.

With an agile consulting methodology built on proven business architecture principles, you can face the future with confidence, grounded in thorough consideration and concrete understanding. We look at the intersection of customer demands and operational efficiencies. When developing your plan, we factor in macro and micro trends, such as industry-level infrastructure financing and impacts of third-party roles on your customer relationships. From incremental operational adjustments to asset modifications to enterprisewide digital transformation, the disruption is real and meaningful. We deliver solutions grounded in deep market experience and adapted to you.

Strategic considerations for modernizing OT networks

IT and OT networks have traditionally been isolated from one another. But bringing the two together offers exponential business value. Understanding the drivers and considering the technical aspects of integration allow for a successful and effective modernized network.

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Managing Change Amid the Transformation

Transformative change requires both a mental and a cultural shift. We help you build a coaching framework and communication strategy in support of the necessary skills and new behaviors.

To achieve the promise of transformation, you need a sustainable, long-term strategy. We apply holistic tools and methodologies to capture measurable employee adoption and usage. We then integrate with current teams and project managers to institutionalize change management practices, capabilities and competencies.

Blog Post
We Have the Power to Change the EV Landscape
Electric vehicles are having impacts on the electrical distribution system. Two-way communication with programmable chargers could help balance the load.
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Imagining an electric world

The electrified future is coming. For many industries and communities, being prepared for the changes can mean the difference between success and failure. Creating a road map for how to absorb the changes economically and culturally can help.

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Case Study
Electrifying public transportation with an industry leader

As the first transit agency in the United States to bring a fast-charge electric bus into service, Foothill Transit has long held a leadership position in electrified transportation. Now it has taken the next step — developing a comprehensive master plan to transition its natural gas fueled bus fleet to 100% battery electric by 2030.

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Making the case for energy storage

Utilities are currently evaluating when it makes sense to invest in energy storage. But there are many variables to consider. Isolating potential use cases and then comparing economic trade-offs will indicate when energy storage is justified.

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Citizen developers, agile methodology and people change management for digital transformation

The business value of any digital solution lies not in the solution itself, but in its adoption and usage by people.

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Lucas McIntosh
Managing Director, Advisory Consulting

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