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Your industry is dynamic. You need adaptive strategies to optimize your decisions, which draw on insights unlocked from within your organization and beyond.

We empower your progress with business strategies that leverage the strengths of your people and assets and identify opportunities for improvement. With data-driven analytics informing your choices and identifying efficiencies, we combine big-picture experience with thorough knowledge of all the details.

Whether your business objectives call for transformative change, corporate innovation, or strategic planning, we recognize the challenges you face and provide the frameworks for achieving sustainable outcomes.

Make It Strong: The First Step in Modernizing the U.S. Grid

The grid is undergoing more change today than it has seen in the last 60 years. A typical household’s load in the 1960s was less than half of what it is today — 60 amps compared to 200 amps. Safety measures built into the grid allowed it to absorb load changes without serious issues until recently, and now utilities must develop strategies that will keep the grid strong into the future.
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Reimagining the Electric Grid

The world’s electrical needs are evolving — the electric distribution grid must evolve with them. Entergy is using a bold new holistic planning process to jump-start this transformation.

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Designing for Data Quality

When properly managed, data is a valuable asset that drives informed decision-making throughout your organization. Understanding the data life cycle and implementing effective data maintenance are essential to accessing the high-quality data you need, when you need it.

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A Structured Approach Supports Proactive Asset Management

Managing assets is critical to successful business outcomes, yet many companies take an ad hoc approach to the process. Implementing a formal program supported by international standards can improve decision-making, mitigate risk and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Imagining an Electric World

The electrified future is coming. For many industries and communities, being prepared for the changes can mean the difference between success and failure. Creating a road map for how to absorb the changes economically and culturally can help.

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