Policy & Regulatory

Stay compliant with regulations, filings and testimony requirements as well as gain an in depth understanding of energy and infrastructure policy that will impact your business.


Understanding policy and regulatory implications on your business is increasingly complex and is changing faster than ever. From understanding potential future policy that is likely to be adopted to staying compliant with existing regulations and standards, 1898 & Co. is well positioned to help you in whatever area is needed.

Because we are deeply embedded in the industries we serve, we are well positioned to help you navigate a range of topics, from energy policy and federal funding opportunities to NERC compliance and commission filings. We offer services designed to support you throughout the regulatory process so your operations run smoothly, from understanding policy impacts, to developing submissions, to providing public testimony so you can be successful at every stage of the process.

Our Services

Energy Policy Advisory

We understand future energy policy changes as well as existing regulations, so we can provide a comprehensive view of the business impacts.

Regulatory Support

Our power industry experience enables us to support the entire regulatory process — filing development, testimony support and public hearing presentations.

Meet the Team

  • Aaron Anderson

    Senior Managing Director | Generation Consulting

  • Victor Atkins

    Director | Cybersecurity

  • Mike Borgstadt

    Director | Talent Operations

  • Jason De Stigter

    Director | Utility Investment Planning

  • Jeff Kopp

    Senior Managing Director | Utility Consulting

  • Matthew Lind

    Director | Resource Planning and Market Assessments

  • Julie Lorenz

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Hannah Morrey Brown

    Senior Energy Policy Adviser

  • Joey Nichols

    Managing Director | Grid Modernization and Distribution Planning