Financial Analysis

Optimize your business’s financial performance through advanced cost-of-service and rate design, financial forecasting and modeling, and financial analysis of investments and capital projects.


Technical and economic factors weigh heavily on your business decisions, from how you value your assets and design your rate structures to how you assess the feasibility of projects and determine constructability. You rely on feasibility studies, affordability assessments and cost estimates to create plans for future growth and investments in new infrastructure.

We understand the complexities driving financial analysis and rate design for the critical infrastructure industry. Whether it’s building a financial model for a rate study, creating a capital funding plan, determining depreciation rates or preparing load forecasts, our solutions consider the broader industry landscape, including regulatory demands, market-related changes and stakeholder needs. We draw on experience that’s both financial and technical to serve as a hub of knowledge for you.

Through engineer’s reports, operations assessments, forecast models and other services, we help you demonstrate your financial resiliency and adequacy and arm you with the necessary resources, financial partners, regulatory constructs and public impacts to move forward.

Our Services

Business Case Assessment

We use proven methodology to deliver accurate, timely assessments, examining macro and micro trends to create solutions-focused reports based on market experience.

Financing & Forecasting

We factor in a multitude of financial analyses and studies to build the fiscal base for forecasts that satisfies internal, external and public expectations.

Rate Design

Our consultants have led electric, water, wastewater and solid waste utilities through public and regulatory processes associated with rate design.

Meet the Team

  • Craig Brown

    Project Manager | Financial Analysis and Rate Design

  • Jeff Kopp

    Senior Managing Director | Utility Consulting

  • Pam Lemoine

    Senior Project Manager

  • David Naumann

    Senior Project Manager | Financial Analysis and Rate Design

  • Adam Young

    Director | Financial Analysis and Rate Design