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  • Cost of service and retail rate design
  • Financial business case analysis
  • Financing support

Technical and economic factors weigh heavily on your business decisions, from how you value your assets and design your rate structures to how you assess the feasibility of projects and determine constructability. You rely on feasibility studies, affordability assessments and cost estimates to create plans for growth and infrastructure.

Our financial toolbox was built for complex industries. Through engineer’s reports, operations assessments, forecast models and other services, we help you demonstrate your financial resiliency and adequacy. You are armed with the necessary resources, banking partners, regulatory constructs and public impacts to move forward.

Detailed Analyses for Cost-of-Service, Rate Design

Rapid technology evolution, regulatory uncertainty and economic change are unceasing across the utility industry. We lean into our experience in strategy development, economic analyses, financial forecasting and ratemaking to guard your financial well-being.

Rates governed by regulatory rules present specific challenges in program design and management. Our consultants are demonstrated leaders in their disciplines, having led electric, gas, water, wastewater, stormwater and solid waste utilities through public and regulatory processes. We help you establish meaningful outreach initiatives where needed to gain support from key stakeholders.

The financial profile of your business determines your every step forward. We factor in the multitude of financial analyses and studies to build you the fiscal base that satisfies internal, bank, external and public expectations.

White Paper
Preparing Wind Projects for the PTC Bubble

As the wind industry rapidly approaches the inevitable end of the Production Tax Credit, a significant backlog of projects is expected to come online in rapid succession. Developing, designing and building these projects will pose a major challenge to the industry.

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White Paper
A Road Map for Successful Conversion to a Fully Electric Fleet

Electric utilities and transit agencies may not know how to complete an efficient conversion when it comes to electrifying their vehicle fleets. Following a comprehensive road map allows them to identify challenges and quantify benefits while still meeting their business needs.

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Adam Young
Director, Financial Analysis & Rate Design

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