Oil, Gas & Chemicals

The rapidly evolving oil, gas and chemicals industry brings more opportunities than challenges — for companies who will embrace the change. Making smart investments, securing critical infrastructure and utilizing data to make informed decisions will allow organizations to keep pace with the changing landscape.

Increased digitization and connectivity across assets are improving productivity but also introducing increased risk of cyberattacks. Environmental pressures, including decarbonization, are a driving force behind reimaging capital investment. Volatility in commodities and markets is requiring organizations to become increasingly agile in their short-term operational realities and long-term strategies. And stakeholders are asking for increased transparency in ESG strategy and reporting.

1898 & Co. partners with oil and gas companies to turn challenges into opportunities. Our consultants have the industry experience, business acumen and technical foundation to offer pragmatic solutions that align with your business goals. As part of Burns & McDonnell, we bring a deep understanding of the entire asset life cycle, including comprehensive understanding of both the digital and physical landscapes. From designing and implementing operational cybersecurity programs to developing renewable energy strategies, we tackle transformational initiatives so you can navigate industry shifts and realize prominent results.

Together, we can envision and enable a future that’s practical and progressive.

Our Work




Our Services

Business Case Assessment

We use proven methodology to deliver accurate, timely assessments, examining macro and micro trends to create solutions-focused reports based on market experience.

Business Outcome Solutions

We help establish comprehensive operational technology (OT) cybersecurity programs that mitigate risk, protect investment and anticipate future needs.

Capital Asset Planning

We assist in the development of actionable plans that map out capital investments in a way that can be easily translated for key stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Executive Advisory Services

Our executive advisory services help you expand and manage your cyber programs in concert with broader business goals, seamlessly integrating with operations.

Design, Protect, Optimize

We support your critical infrastructure cybersecurity needs with design, protection and optimization services through all stages of your cybersecurity journey.

Emerging Energy Advisory

We understand the challenges facing providers navigating the pressures of shifting consumer demands in the face of emerging sources of energy.

Enterprise Technology

Optimize your digital investments that support capital project delivery and operational platforms, such as geospatial and asset management systems.

Owner's Engineer Services

Gain the experience of a team working beside you as a direct extension of your staff, focused on your goals, reviewing project progress and processes, and scheduling from start to finish.

People, Culture & Change

We help you establish a strong foundation based on the strengths of your people, your culture and the idea that change is a critical determinant of success.

Process & Performance Management

Our technical specialists guide owner/operators of critical infrastructure assets in evolving operations to enhance performance, optimize processes and commit to continuous improvement.

Project Planning & Development

Our consultants understand your challenges and are positioned to help you address the evolving demands you face when mapping out a large-scale project.

Strategic Asset Management

Our diverse experience helps uncover and develop focused solutions to help you manage your assets in a safe, strategic and sound manner.

Transaction Advisory

Our transaction advisory services are built on industry experience, technical knowledge and business acumen, designed to help you make practical decisions.