Emerging Policy Advisory

As the focus on energy markets continues to increase, governments around the world are proposing and passing new legislation at an increasingly rapid pace. The dizzying advances mean that owners and operators face challenges keeping up with changes in everything from regulatory compliance to reporting requirements.


At 1898 & Co., we help you understand the changing policy landscape and how to plan for future impacts to your operations. We dig into the details and bring perspective not just on the text but on how the policy is likely to be administered and what that means for you, so that you can make critical business decisions and continue delivering for your consumers. Our consultants:

  • Deliver keen insights into current policies and how legislation is expected to evolve.
  • Align your strategies to leverage opportunities that new policies present.
  • Help you see your industry’s trajectory.


Our consultants help you see what is on the horizon for new policies as well as perform detailed reviews of recently passed legislation to understand how it impacts your operations, goals and finances. We work with you to optimize the economics of proposed projects to address current policy goals. Our consultants:

  • Have extensive experience in policy development and regulatory compliance, allowing us to dig in and understand the details of a proposed and recently passed policy.
  • Work with agencies and federal departments to understand how policy is likely to be implemented and the requirements and guidelines that are going to be enforced.