Data & Analytics

Unlock the potential of your data to make critical business decisions with a complete portfolio of services from data strategy to designing, building and operationalizing advanced data platforms.


The most efficient approach to solving problems and optimizing decision-making is to enhance organizational knowledge and intuition with insightful analytics founded on accurate, timely and complete data. At 1898 & Co., we leverage our industry experience, which includes engineering, financial, technological, environmental and societal contexts, to deliver robust, data-driven solutions. We help you succeed by guiding you through the process of adopting and deploying high-value solutions that are integrated into daily business processes to realize the benefits they are meant to provide.

Our roots in designing, building and optimizing infrastructure extend back more than 100 years. We understand the assets that generate your operational data, as well as the necessary digital control systems, IoT sensors, IT data and core business systems. We understand the unique challenges that come with operational data, specifically time series data. That type of data requires unique management, systems and techniques. This deep domain experience — paired with big data management, data science and advisory consulting — yields clarity and balance for your data journey.

Regardless of where you are on your path to a data-driven organization, we can work with you to accelerate ideation, planning, technology selection and deployment to transform your data into actionable insights that give you a competitive advantage. Our industry-informed data strategies help you navigate complexity, minimize risk and identify growth opportunities.

Our Services

Analytics & Business Intelligence

We deliver data analytics and business intelligence that is useful, intuitive and actionable, within the context of your industry.

Architecture & Infrastructure

We break down data silos, address data quality challenges and organize via architecture and infrastructure focused on accessibility for analytics and visualization.

Meet the Team

  • Carol Bogacz

    Principal Consultant | Management Consulting

  • Travis Bouslog

    Managing Director | Technology Consulting

  • Nathan Brown

    Senior Enterprise Architect | Enterprise System Integration

  • Frederic Dubois

    Senior Product Manager | Power Grid Analytics

  • Mike Motycka

    Director | Technology Consulting

  • Todd Shutts

    Director | Business Intelligence and Analytics