New Technology Screening & Selection

Selecting the right technology can be a daunting, time-consuming and resource-draining initiative, particularly in emerging energy where technology and costs are evolving rapidly. We’re embedded in this world, which is why we can help you navigate this complex process quickly. Our teams understand the need to select technology that works within the financial and business constraints you manage daily and can provide actionable recommendations that can be successfully applied to help you move forward.


We work with you throughout the entire process, starting with prescreening the viability of technologies to understand whether they’d a good fit at this moment for your needs. You will receive a detailed technical and economic comparison that provides a holistic view across technology options, along with the recommendations, so you have a deeper awareness of the ecosystem. We help you:

  • Analyze what stage a technology is at: pilot plant, demonstration plant or commercial plant level.
  • Prepare RFPs, facilitating the conversation to enable an objective comparison.
  • Execute a detailed report, rooted in the realities you face.
  • Assess the viability of a technology within your business case, providing a technoeconomic view. 


We leverage our industry experience to develop recommendations that align with your overall business goals. We understand that a recommendation that’s not rooted in the real world is a waste of resources. Whether we’re looking at hydrogen and biofuels, green hydrogen or feedstock pretreatment, we help you make sound business decisions. Our consultants:

  • Have worked in every energy-related sector, providing a broad range of case studies and experiences to draw from.
  • Use proven methodologies to approach projects, understanding that financial, business and technical demands must be navigated simultaneously.
  • Lead with a pragmatic approach to decision-making to offer solutions that will work in the real world.