Emerging Energy Advisory

Energy producers need to understand and mitigate risks amid the fast-moving energy transition. You need a systematic approach to understanding what’s at stake, and a sound business case for investing in emerging energy models.

We understand the challenges facing providers navigating the pressures of shifting consumer demands in the face of emerging sources of energy. We can help you introduce emerging technologies strategically, effectively — and pragmatically. Whether it’s renewable fuels, the hydrogen economy or fleet electrification, we’ll help you understand what’s ahead and adapt a systemic approach to understanding your options.

Above all, we embed our research into the real world. We work across regions and industries to provide a global view of how markets are evolving, balanced with the challenges you face running your business day to day, which means we understand the types of solutions that will and will not work. We help you see where the world is going tomorrow — and what getting there looks like.

Our Services

Fleet Electrification Advisory

Turn to our team for an unbiased assessment of the costs, challenges and changes of transitioning to an electrified fleet, including business case and feasibility analysis for fleet conversion.

New Technology Screening & Selection

Detailed industry analysis of the technical maturity of new technology offerings and the viability of a technology within your business case provides a technoeconomic view to support investment and design decisions.

Our Work