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You, like most businesses today, collect data — likely a lot of data. Your first challenge may be simply to find data within your enterprise then organize and prepare it for use. Such information is commonly contained in siloed systems, is incomplete, or is unusable when separated from its source software system. These challenges make the data collected difficult to process and organize into the ready-to-use information you need to yield insights. Beyond aggregation, visualization of your enterprise information enables you to understand what is happening within your business and assets.

Our organization has been designing, building and optimizing infrastructure for more than 100 years. We understand the assets that generate your operational data, as well as the necessary digital control systems, IoT sensors, IT data and core business systems. We understand the unique challenges that come with operational data, specifically time-series data. That type of data requires unique management, systems and techniques. We also know how to navigate the technological and business hurdles associated with these differing data types. This deep domain experience — paired alongside big data management, data science and advisory consulting — yields clarity and balance for your data journey.

Building a Data Platform for Operational Analytics

Virginia-based Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) needed a data platform to enable self-service operational analytics and support a data-driven culture. The solution developed by 1898 & Co. involved ingesting key operations data sources such as meter data, substation operations, distribution topology and billing details. The result was a platform that identifies system electrical losses and serves as a catalyst for future analytics use cases.
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Regardless of where you are in your journey to a data-driven organization, we can work with you to accelerate ideation, planning, technology selection and deployment to transform your data into actionable insights that give you a competitive advantage. Our industry-informed data strategies help you navigate complexity, minimize risk and identify growth opportunities.

Burns & McDonnell and 1898 & Co. Announce Extended Partnership with OSIsoft

Our extended partnership with OSIsoft LLC offers monitored commissioning services to government, commercial and institutional customers.
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Increasing User Adoption of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions enable the analysis and presentation of vast amounts of organizational data in a way that reveals key operational insights.

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Case Study
Business Intelligence Project Delivers Road Map for Data-Driven Insights at Port of Portland

A business intelligence road map developed for the Port of Portland is helping guide the port authority’s transformation into a data-driven organization that will enable future budget, financial and operational planning decision-making.

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Using Asset Framework to Transform Data Into Operational Intelligence

Using Asset Framework from OSIsoft PI System can help contextualize and visualize data to inform strategic operational decisions and capital spending.

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White Paper
Digital Transformation Drives Efficiency in Manufacturing Enterprises

Smart manufacturing investments can maintain a competitive edge in many industries. Such practices can yield deeper insights into production efficiency, equipment reliability and asset performance and health.

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Designing for Data Quality

When properly managed, data is a valuable asset that drives informed decision-making throughout your organization. Understanding the data life cycle and implementing effective data maintenance are essential to accessing the high-quality data you need, when you need it.

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