Testimony Support

You need a partner who stands behind their results. At 1898 & Co., we routinely defend our results as witnesses in regulatory filings to demonstrate the robustness of our analysis and validity of our results. Our consultants are experienced in providing public testimony and understand how to present our reports and findings to accurately and fully support the municipality, commission or regulatory agency requirements.

We can clearly explain complex analysis while going into any detail needed to support your filing. Working in the utility industry, we have experience detailing our process and methodology and demonstrating the ability to balance competing interests between reliability, sustainability and cost of service.


When projects require an expert witness, whether it’s to explain a complicated process or offer an independent analysis, our consultants leverage knowledge of the industry and regulatory processes to serve you through the process for gaining regulatory approvals for your filings and plan submissions. We help you:

  • Support and defend results during commission hearings.
  • Provide an independent analysis for regulatory filings, valuation reviews, and cost and rate estimates.
  • Address questions and concerns from commissions and regulatory agencies regarding regulatory filings that are preventing acceptance.


At 1898 & Co., we take a pragmatic approach to our work and the same holds true when we provide expert testimony. Our consultants understand the skills needed to provide reliable expert testimony: attention to detail, rigor, and the ability to communicate clearly and consistently. Our consultants:

  • Have extensive experience working with legal firms, insurance companies and public and private entities to provide both written and oral testimony.
  • Provide testimony for environmental compliance, resource and investment plans, rate cases, tax rate disputes, decommissioning costs, and other hearings and filings.