Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a crucial — but sometimes undervalued — component to any successful critical infrastructure plan or project. A proactive, compelling stakeholder engagement plan lays the groundwork for a streamlined plan or project, minimizing hurdles with regulatory bodies and other key stakeholders.


We approach stakeholder engagement on every project focused on delivering transparency. Our consultants have a deep respect for the public’s right to information and for involvement in our communities, whether it’s educating residents, businesses and others about long-range power supply plans, investment decisions or other factors affecting quality of life. We help:

  • Develop plans for engaging the community before a project kicks off to identify interested parties and critical issues that may impact progress, and create engagement plans to effectively mitigate roadblocks.
  • Coordinate with the critical regulatory bodies that need to be engaged and consulted.
  • Conduct public meetings to communicate key issues and receive feedback from interested parties.
  • Develop a plan that incorporates and addresses input from the community.


At 1898 & Co., we’re passionate about the industry as a whole and the positive impact that critical infrastructure has on a community. That’s why stakeholder engagement is a valued and important part of our process. With each project, our consultants:

  • Adopt a focused, proactive and responsive approach to engagement, tailoring it to the project and community.
  • Help the community understand the project’s purpose and help leaders understand the community’s concerns.
  • Work to build a solid foundation with the community, based on trust and transparency.