NERC Compliance

Complying with NERC standards requires significant knowledge and resources. To keep up — and avoid compliance violation — utilities need a partner with a team focused on both grid reliability and risk reduction.


NERC standards are continually expanding to keep pace with climate change and the complexity of integrating increased volumes of intermittent resources. We help you:

  • Meet NERC standards to maintain compliance.
  • Maintain system reliability.
  • Provide technical evidence from studies.
  • Take the long-term approach and understand what’s ahead for NERC.


At 1898 & Co., our legacy is built on helping clients deliver safe, reliable power systems that exceed industry expectations. Our consultants:

  • Participate in NERC task forces, gaining insiders’ perspectives on standards.
  • Understand every aspect of power transmission, allowing us to make recommendations that are holistic and pragmatic.
  • Bridge NERC standard studies with other transmission planning studies.