Depreciation Rate Studies

Assessing depreciation rates requires a highly specialized skill set. Determining the pace and rate a utility sets to recover its investment has a significant impact on its customers. We routinely work with utilities, including co-ops, to set their rates — then translate the rationale in a clear and compelling format.


We have extensive experience in this niche endeavor, allowing us to offer analysis that’s mindful of the realities of operating a utility, navigating stakeholders and planning for the future. We work with electric utilities to:

  • Deliver comprehensive studies used to establish or update depreciation rates.
  • Understand the implications of different depreciation rates and how they impact ratepayers' plans for a viable financial future.
  • Support regulatory filing requirements for both state and federal entities.


At 1898 & Co., our consultants bring a deep understanding of utility operations and finances to every project, including establishing depreciation rates. We understand the complexities behind setting rates. Our consultants have:

  • The experience needed to present you with comprehensive options that underscore the implications of each scenario.
  • Significant experience in an array of utility financial services, from forecasting to valuation.
  • An understanding of utility operations that informs our perspective.