Load Forecasting

Utilities depend on accurate load forecasting to plan for necessary generation capacity, purchased power transactions, transmission planning, distribution planning and more. You need a consulting team experienced enough to address your forecasting needs. These forecasts are an integral part of all key financial models, helping you to better estimate short-term and long-term sales and revenue.


Whether we’re forecasting for a stand-alone report or as part of an overall strategic plan, we prepare econometric load forecasts for your long-term or short-term needs. We work with you to:

  • Define longer-term purchase needs through load forecasting, using statistical and econometric analysis of consumption patterns and energy efficiency measures.
  • Conduct power requirement studies or load forecasts to project sales and revenue by looking at historical sales and population and their correlations.
  • Evaluate the impact of significant changes in loads, such as electric vehicle growth or increasing adoption of consumer solar.


At 1898 & Co., our consultants are immersed in the utility industry, giving us a knowledge base that’s deep, broad and pragmatic. Our consultants:

  • Use proven industry software platforms to conduct in-depth econometric analysis.
  • Are well-versed in DSM, DR and other load-modifying programs.
  • Create forecasts that feed into integrated resource plans.
  • Understand the challenges facing electric utilities navigating the surge in demand.
  • Have the experience and skill sets to help you optimize you projected loads through demand response, rate design and energy efficiency programs.