Financial Forecasting

Utility companies need access to financial models that are both rooted in their strategy and reflective of the broader landscape. You need a deep analysis of revenues, expenses and debt obligations from a partner who understands both the financial and technical sides of operating a utility. Market demands are shifting, and you need a partner who provides critical insights into trends impacting your industry, such as electric vehicle growth, distributed generation rate policies and evolving environmental regulations.


Serving either as consultants with our outside perspective or as augmented staff, we assist you with financial modeling and analysis. When you need to understand their future financial requirements and how to fund them, we:

  • Prepare financial plans that are clear, comprehensive and nimble to forecast revenues, expenses and debt obligations.
  • Develop capital planning strategies and tactics, helping you understand the resources needed to meet their organization’s needs.
  • Help you understand the implications of funding through either rate increases or bond issuances.
  • Summarize findings in concise financial statements and user-friendly dashboards.
  • Link results to strategic and resource plans to analyze the impact to financial statements and rates.


Our team has both financial and engineering know-how. We serve as a one-stop shop for you, delivering strategic resource planning and master planning that leads into financial planning. At 1898 & Co., we live in that utility landscape, so we see plans from your perspective, giving us — and you — a clear advantage. Our consultants have:

  • Significant financial experience within the industry, from forecasting and rate design to depreciation analysis and appraisals.
  • Access to teams of professionals with a range of utility experience, helping to strengthen the team’s industry knowledge.
  • Experience with state commission regulatory filings, as well as presenting to governing bodies such as cooperative boards and municipal city councils.
  • A proven track record delivering comprehensive financial analysis that’s easily convertible for key stakeholders and decision-makers.