Financing & Forecasting

Organizations often need an independent analysis of expected revenues, expenses and debt service obligations to make critical business decisions and support funding and investment planning. For critical infrastructure organizations, it’s particularly important to work with industry veterans who bring together both financial and technical experience to provide a fully informed perspective.

Your financial profile determines your every step forward. We factor in a multitude of financial analyses and studies to build you the fiscal base that satisfies internal, external and public expectations.

Through engineer’s reports, operations assessments, forecast models and other services, we help you demonstrate your financial resiliency and adequacy. We arm you with the necessary resources, financial partners, regulatory constructs and public impacts to move forward.


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Our Services

Bond Engineer & Financing

We conduct a comprehensive and independent review of your system from a financial, technical, operational, environmental and regulatory standpoint  to prepare bond engineer reports and build out financial models to support bond feasibility.

Financial Forecasting

Through in-depth analysis of revenues, expenses and debt service obligations, we develop financial models that are rooted in strategy and reflective of the broader industry landscape.

Load Forecasting

We help you determine long-term purchase needs through load forecasting analysis, using statistical and econometric analysis of consumption patterns and energy efficiency measures to predict changes in energy demands.

Our Work