Business Case Analysis

Critical infrastructure projects require a significant investment of time, money and political capital. That’s why companies and utilities need a business case that assesses the economic, social, technical and environmental impacts of a project, while also being mindful of the broader industry landscape.


We generate multidisciplinary cost-benefit assessments, giving you a clearer, more compelling analysis of your proposed projects, whether it is the electrification of a vehicle fleet or the construction of a seaport energy project. Our financial analysts and engineers work together to prepare robust cost and revenue models to determine a project’s feasibility. From water and electric utilities to airports and seaports, we can:

  • Offer a business case supported by technical knowledge — a rare combination.
  • Deliver a financial study within the context of the industry.
  • Provide a range of analyses, including technical feasibility studies, economic feasibility analysis and cost-benefit analysis.


When you work with 1898 & Co., you gain access to both financial and technical knowledge, a powerful blend that offers clients a far more comprehensive analysis. Our consultants have:

  • Extensive experience working as both proxy team members and third-party vendors.
  • Broad industry knowledge, resulting in business case assessments that are relevant, pragmatic and actionable.
  • Experience developing business case studies in a range of industries.
  • Access to a deep and diverse talent pool, allowing niche specialists to be brought in as needed.