Business Case Assessment

To make investment decisions amid technological developments and evolving consumer trends, leaders need a clear-eyed view of the market landscape. Making data-driven business decisions requires a deep understanding of your own assets — and the broader ecosystem. To continue delivering value to your customers and stakeholders, you need a disciplined approach to analyzing the impact of future investments on your financials.

No matter what’s driving your investment decisions — shifting market demands, consumer technology adoption or macroeconomic forces — we use proven methodology to deliver an accurate, timely assessment. We work with you to examine trends, both macro and micro, to deliver a thorough assessment and create practical, solutions-focused reports grounded in our market experience and adapted to meet your needs.

At 1898 & Co., our consultants build the analysis from the ground up. We dig into your data to deliver an analysis that is specific to your challenges, opportunities and operational realities.

Our Services

Business Case Analysis

We develop detailed cost and revenue models to determine a project’s feasibility and provide a thorough assessment of the economic, social, technical and environmental impacts of a potential project.

Distributed Generation Feasibility Studies

We understand and assess the financial and technical feasibility of on-site power generation and storage, including rate impacts, pro forma models, layouts and energy modeling.