Technology Strategy

Organizations must develop an enterprise technology strategy that serves customer needs, meets business goals and maximizes investment, all while navigating regulatory demands, political winds and stakeholder concerns.


Whether you are looking to consolidate disparate systems to reduce cost and complexity or needing to add new functionality to support future growth, we help develop technology strategies that advance and align with your business goals. We work with organizations to:

  • Develop a comprehensive technology strategy that starts with the organization’s goals.
  • Create a road map to support the strategy.
  • Create a plan that considers cost, availability and, most importantly, whether it aligns with your goals.


At 1898 & Co., our consultants adopt an integrated mindset — a big picture of how every component of the technology strategy works together. We bring a unique blend of skills to the table: industry knowledge, technical experience and business acumen. Our consultants:

  • Have experience working with C-suite leadership to understand the return on investment for a sound technology strategy.
  • Bring extensive system experience to identify potential roadblocks that may impede success and develop detailed plans that can be implemented in the real world.
  • Deliver pragmatic solutions that align with goals and work within budget.