Technology Assessments

Assessing technology capabilities requires a deep understanding of your industry, current and future technology landscapes, and how to design systems for full adoption. You need guidance to offer a thorough approach that’s pragmatic and aligned with your business goals.


Keeping up to date with technology trends, regulatory shifts and business outlooks requires resources that are deeply embedded in your industry. At 1898 & Co., our experience allows us to offer unique insights that connect industry trends and best practices with your specific goals. Whether you are trying to upgrade your technology systems or eliminate silos, we partner with you to:

  • Review current goals and define the future state, offering an experienced third-party perspective.
  • Interview stakeholders to assess a system’s maturity level, identify gaps and offer recommendations.
  • Review the current system to determine how effectively it’s being used.
  • Look at systems integrations to identify opportunities and gaps.


Our consultants have worked in the industry and know what it takes for a system to deliver value, not just functionality. This perspective allows us to share insights rooted in the pragmatic. Our consultants:

  • Offer a trusted perspective on a system’s effectiveness, identifying what’s working and what needs optimization.
  • Participate in leading industry organizations to bring cutting-edge insights on industry trends so assessments are conducted with an eye toward the future.
  • Incorporate adoption and change management experience to develop actionable plans that will work for your organization.