Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is the framework for your overall digital strategy. Enterprise architecture guides and informs information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) decision making and helps align the organization with business goals.


An enterprise architecture should empower your strategic vision, allowing you to maximize your IT and OT investments. We help you:

  • Leverage a standard maturity model to examine current architecture under the lens of your business goals and strategy.
  • Identify gaps and make recommendations that support the strategy.
  • Create a standard around how technology decisions are mad.
  • Define a future state architecture and associated road map.
  • Implement recommended road map.


Our 1898 & Co. consultants have deep experience navigating a wide range of systems that support organizations, including: enterprise asset management, geographical information system, computerized maintenance and management system, advanced distribution management system, outage management system, distributed energy resources management system and more. Our consultants:

  • Understand how systems integrate, allowing for guidance that’s holistic and pragmatic.
  • Are experienced in IT and OT.
  • Draw from a deep industry knowledge base, enabling the sharing of trends, best practices and global insights.