Capability Assessment Services

Excelling in your business’s daily operations sometimes means you don’t have time to pull back and assess the landscape to determine which processes and capabilities have room for improvement. It’s challenging to run your business while also researching innovative best practices.


We merge our extensive industry experience with our knowledge of best practices and emerging trends to assess your capabilities, then optimize them for your specific strategic goals. We help you gain a deep understanding of your actual and potential capabilities. Working with you, we:

  • Help create a performance benchmark, identifying gaps and solutions to address them.
  • Offer a road map of potential improvements, identifying value and complexity so we can develop a sequenced approach to changes.
  • Deliver a lean, pragmatic assessment noted for its transparency — and even better, we have the ability and skills to configure it.
  • Identify the ROI on each proposed change so you can clearly communicate the “why” to stakeholders.


Our consultants are known for a transparent approach to capabilities assessments. We’ve sat where you sit, so we know the value of an assessment that’s rooted in our client’s needs — not the consultant’s.

Whether we’re assessing a data visualization dashboard or a legacy software system, our philosophy is to approach the work with transparency and pragmatism. Our consultants:

  • Function as an extension of your team, in both work and attitude.
  • Appreciate the value of a clear benchmark and reasonable road map toward change.
  • Know that the success of any configuration is dependent on the change management that accompanies it.
  • Tailor plans to your specific workplace and culture.