Spatial Analytics

Spatial analytics extracts new insights for your organization by looking at the “where” of asset data within a broader context. Our consultants take a holistic view, overlaying data points and geoprocessing to provide a complete picture of a given place and the relationship of the features within.


Whether you need an electric vehicle adoption study or to identify where to prioritize your investments, our next-generation capabilities allow you to visualize your data holistically. We:

  • Reveal fresh insights by overlaying data points and analyzing spatial relationships.
  • Add texture to your data, enhancing your ability to answer probing location-specific questions.
  • Provide the most complete picture possible of a location.
  • Bring the power of data to the surface.


Our consultants work within a broader network of deep experience, empowering the ability to provide context to the analysis. We have:

  • Specialized knowledge of geospatial analysis software and data integration tools.
  • Access to a broad range of experienced cross-industry professionals.
  • Significant experience conducting spatial analysis for a range of projects, including infrastructure replacement studies, electric vehicle charger studies, storm response readiness and more.