Site & Route Selections

Constructing assets or building new infrastructure requires you to find the right location for your investment. To do that, you need comprehensive geospatial data and location analytics that will give you the insight you need to make an informed decision.


Our consultants conduct a thorough investigation of the natural and built environment, leveraging their knowledge of location data analysis to help you evaluate your options. Our work:

  • Equips decision-makers with keen insights into the implications behind different location choices.
  • Creates a 360-degree view of a location with data overlay and data research.
  • Leverages well-established business processes for efficient execution.


The industry-leading consultants at 1898 & Co. offer a unique perspective to any site or route selection, building on a legacy of cross-industry experience and insight. We pair geospatial resources with engineering backing, which reduces your cost and the project’s complexity. Our consultants have:

  • Significant experience in siting, permitting, suitability, overlay, routing, logistics, utility capacity and more.
  • Access to professionals from a broad range of specialties required to execute a site selection or route, including geospatial professionals, environmental scientists, and customer relations, engineering and economic development professionals.
  • Experience conducting studies for utilities, transportation departments and large manufacturers.