Lead & Copper Rule Support

Changes in EPA regulations mean U.S. water systems face tighter requirements for lead and copper testing, treatment and removal. Geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analytics help water companies identify and inventory service lines, enhance quality control measures, and deliver safe drinking water to communities.


We use GIS and spatial analytics to support all aspects of a water utility’s response to the updated requirements, from identifying lead service lines to prioritizing replacement activities. We work with water systems to:

  • Prioritize where to collect data, including merging spatial analysis with historical records.
  • Create an inventory of service lines.
  • Identify gaps in the inventory, then use GIS-based mobile devices to streamline field data collection efforts.
  • Establish a digital inventory of all efforts, making the information publicly available.


Our consultants’ experience in spatial analysis combined with our broad knowledge of the water domain makes us uniquely qualified to help utilities meet these requirements. We have:

  • Experience helping communities meet these requirements.
  • A broad background navigating complex EPA regulatory requirements in water and other utilities.
  • A deep, historical understanding of the water domain as a whole.
  • Extensive experience in asset management.
  • Access to industry-leading tools and digital platforms to optimize the inventory process.