Field Data Collection & Reporting

Protecting your organization and investments starts with a robust and full accounting of your real-world assets and their conditions. Our experience with cutting-edge web and mobile tools, coupled with our industry know-how, gives you an accurate, real-time picture of your assets.


We leverage the power of the latest technology to create descriptive, visual reporting that makes your assets — and any gaps — more tangible. We work with both public and private organizations, from electric utilities to corporations, using geographic information system (GIS) data to collect and maintain critical information for your geographically dispersed assets. We help:

  • Improve the efficiency and integrity of field operations and data collections.
  • Modernize workflows from paper to digital.
  • Bring reports to life by adding visual value.
  • Leverage data to enhance asset management activities.


Our consultants take a 360-degree view of your enterprise to harness spatial data so you can make better decisions. Whether you’re managing assets to plan maintenance and quickly respond to service needs or you’re zeroing in on how and where to spend limited resources to rehabilitate and maintain aging infrastructure, we:

  • Understand the connection between accurate field reporting and your overall strategy.
  • Have cross-industry experience in asset management that adds insight to data collection.
  • Leverage the power of web and mobile tools to efficiently collect and maintain a complete inventory of your assets and their conditions.