Data Infrastructure & Platforms

Creating the right infrastructure for your data is imperative for your strategic success. Data is only valuable if you can draw actionable insights from it. Whether you need to manage existing operations or expand your services, the right data platform will help you make decisions that are effective, efficient and strategic. Our ability to create and access integrated digital platforms, coupled with our industry know-how, gives you an accurate, actionable view of your data.


Our experience allows us to look at your granular data sets within the organization. Understanding how to leverage data within the context of critical infrastructure is a niche skill we bring to every challenge. We can:

  • Audit all data, understanding its source, integrity and value.
  • Build a platform that allows you to understand your data, from defining patterns to uncovering gaps to revealing customer behavior.
  • Develop a stack that allows you to ingest, organize, manage and secure your data, whether on-site or in the cloud.


At 1898 & Co., we put data at the center of all we do. That, coupled with our significant industry experience, means our consultants:

  • Bring solutions from similar challenges to the table, leading to pragmatic, real-world discussions about the right path forward.
  • Leverage understanding of how your assets are designed and built.
  • Tap into a vast network of cross-industry engineering leader.
  • Select technology that will create targeted outcomes while balancing cost and required maintenance and management.
  • Help navigate cloud technology to select good-fit services.
  • Maintain partnerships with leading players in the industry such as AWS, Microsoft, Aveva and OSIsoft.