Data & Analytics Strategy

Critical infrastructure is a complex, specialized field that requires capabilities to match. Your systems serve as repositories for massive volumes of data that can be unwieldy to access, analyze and act upon.


We help you by beginning with the end in mind. What new capabilities can be enabled or efficiencies created with data? What challenges are anticipated? What opportunities can you seize? From there, we help develop a data and analytics strategy that meets your specific needs while aligning with your overall business goals. We help clients put their data to work by:

  • Leading deep-dive analysis of your current framework and work across your organization to understand the most valuable outcomes that need to be achieved.
  • Performing a comprehensive data audit to understand what information you have — and what information you need.
  • Assessing the integrity of your data and improving it accordingly.
  • Creating a pragmatic and value-driven strategy for accessing and leveraging data.


1898 & Co. consultants occupy the unique space where data and critical infrastructure intersect. This allows them to be well positioned to understand and anticipate your challenges based on their broad base of experience with other service providers. Knowing the industry is an immeasurable asset. Our consultants:

  • Understand the operational and strategic challenges you face.
  • Can leverage the power of your data to create pragmatic, efficient solutions.
  • Have deep industry experience, which adds insight to the data collected and deployed.