Smart Grid Analytics

Our solutions and services are designed to leverage data from your operations and enterprise data sources to optimize grid planning and operations with data-driven outcomes. The utility-centric benefits include insights to inform long-term system planning, optimization recommendations for near-term readiness, and monitoring to equip grid operators with near real-time information. Customer-centric solutions arm homeowners with the timely information they need to respond to utility tariffs as they were intended.


We offer services designed to guide and support your organization at any stage of your analytics deployment. Our consultants are here to help you prioritize your analytics ambitions based on strategic value and cross-departmental benefit and to design your analytics platform to leverage the computational power and flexibility of cloud deployments. Our deployment specialists implement your solutions and guide your team to adopt them in their day-to-day operations for your organization to achieve your objectives. Our unique skill set provides:

  • Awareness of the latest solutions available in the industry, including their feasibility and applicability to your specific situation.
  • Deep understanding of data accuracy and latency requirements to enable the analytics outcomes you choose in order to design solutions with the cost vs. performance balance in mind.
  • Proven experience guiding organizations to adopt operational technologies and integrate new solutions with minimal disturbance to the existing business flow.


Our consultants know every aspect of your utility, including how it was designed, built and deployed. We understand regulatory demands, trends and how other utilities use data. We’ve tackled similar data challenges with similar utilities. Our consultants:

  • Understand common utility data sources.
  • Know how utilities are designed, built and managed.
  • Understand utility assets and opportunities to optimize.
  • Use proven processes and methodologies to work across your teams and identify the right analytics solution for you.
  • Can create compelling UX in combination with processes and desired outcomes.