Process Design & Reengineering

Clearly understanding and defining the nature of work is particularly important in today’s environment, which is defined by numerous sources of change. We quickly identify areas of transformation to move current-state business processes to a desired, optimized future process state in a short time frame, defined by improved effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy and/or control. We also lead business process design and process change initiatives to define new ways of working and value streams associated with new business lines.


Our team has designed and reengineered business processes for numerous utilities and other critical infrastructure organizations. We focus on delivering useful business processes, desk manuals and other documents to better tie strategy to value realization, properly reflect an organization’s unique business and operating model, and meet internal control and other operating requirements. We help clients:

  • Confirm the strategic objective of new business processes and identify elements of current processes in which greater operational efficiency may be generated, maturity may be enhanced, or bottlenecks or other breakdowns may exist.
  • Examine how process performance is currently measured and managed, as well as select and design the right performance indicators.
  • Incorporate process governance and ownership into all process management activities, to promote continuous improvement.
  • Combine process design and reengineering acumen with change management to significantly increase user adoption and ROI.


We actively brainstorm with process owners and change agents in facilitated workshops to properly design new end-to-end value streams or understand the nature of current-state business processes — including diagnosing challenges and identifying opportunities for transformation to an improved future process state. We have significant experience leading business process workshops, during which we work alongside client teams to quickly understand the objective of new strategies and activities and investigate and diagnose issues with current-state processes. Our consultants:

  • Apply insights from multiple disciplines — including Business Process Management (BPM), Lean, change management and performance management — to design, enhance, reengineer and measure outcomes from business processes for utilities and other critical infrastructure organizations.
  • Work alongside a broad range of technical specialists who can support process design and reengineering efforts through first-hand insight into the nuances of specific activities and workflows.
  • Have been on your side of the table, and therefore know the value of delivering pragmatic, actionable insights.