Continuous Improvement & Lean Adoption

Critical infrastructure organizations are constantly looking to do more with less, applying tools and techniques to achieve higher levels of efficiency while maintaining or increasing effectiveness, reliability, safety and customer service. In this way, pursuing continuous improvement through the adoption of Lean principles and methods is not a choice — it is an integral part of meeting near-term business plan goals and achieving long-term strategic objectives.


By embedding Lean into operations and advancing the goal of continuous improvement, we help our clients achieve both incremental and breakthrough improvements in operations while also evolving organizational culture. We are trainers and coaches in Lean and continuous improvement and deliver multiple levels of Lean Six Sigma training (Yellow, Green and Black) to our clients, and can also establish a continuous improvement enterprise program. We work closely with clients to assess waste embedded in critical processes or across entire value streams and eliminate non-value-add activities to improve workflow, employee engagement, risk mitigation and overall service delivery. We work with clients to:

  • Build the foundation of a continuously Lean organization by providing Lean training to client teams.
  • Design, implement and improve continuous improvement programs for clients looking to advance to the next level.
  • Identify waste in existing processes and value streams to achieve real Lean objectives, such as increased overall value and capacity creation.
  • Diagnose challenges and rehabilitate existing continuous improvement programs, with a focus on solidifying and embedding Lean in the organizational culture.


Our consultants have earned Lean and Lean Six Sigma credentials, and have decades of experience in operational improvement across utilities and other critical infrastructure industries. We tailor training and certification programs and design continuous improvement journeys for clients — there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We also deliver assessment projects to diagnose the size and characteristics of process breakdowns, leveraging our Lean and continuous improvement practitioners who also bring subject matter knowledge across all aspects of utility operations to our projects. Our consultants:

  • Seek to embed Lean thinking as a fundamental element of an organization’s culture and help move organizations from a function-based to a process-based culture.
  • Work closely with clients to help create a culture of continuous improvement through routine investigation of current-state value streams and areas of potential improvements.
  • Understand that overall value stream delivery improvements often come through a combination of people, process and technology changes.
  • Create solutions that achieve efficiency improvements with no sacrifice to other critical objectives, including customer satisfaction.