Organizational Culture Assessment & Shift

Research confirms that an organization’s culture can establish significant competitive advantage — or be a source of chronic underperformance. Taking action to purposefully evaluate and move, or shift, an organization’s culture to build a foundation for long-term success and enable the achievement of program objectives is important in today’s environment.


Our consultants understand the critical role culture plays in driving change, laying the groundwork for sustained success and transforming your business. We have been responsible for assessing and shifting culture within organizations and directly aligning culture to desired business performance and results. Our consultants:

  • Understand culture is a core asset, particularly during times of transformation, and incorporate culture assessment into all aspects of work.
  • Diagnose an organization’s current-state culture, helping you understand where the culture is thriving — or struggling.
  • Create a culture shift road map designed to help an organization evolve based on strategic objectives, values and aspirations.
  • Help leaders inspire culture change by embedding change management tools and techniques into culture and strategy initiatives.
  • Bring a broad skill set to culture initiatives, including a healthy blend of business savvy, industry experience, change management acumen and coaching abilities.
  • Create and help execute specific culture shift road maps, addressing formal and informal elements of an organization’s culture.


Our team utilizes the Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS), a tested approach to the measurement of organizational culture. DOCS provides a straightforward and comprehensive measurement and analysis technique to assess cultural characteristics that drive critical business performance in areas such as sales growth, profit growth, innovation, customer satisfaction, risk and safety, and quality. Our consultants:

  • Are trained in DOCS and related disciplines, providing the full suite of cultural change capabilities to clients.
  • Have led numerous culture shift engagements with clients across all areas of the critical infrastructure economy.
  • Understand and bring experience across the key linkages among culture shift, change management, coaching and program management.
  • Build and deliver culture shift transformation programs.