Grid Modernization Planning

Owners and operators of electric utility systems know how rapidly the industry is evolving. And while the changes may be welcome, they come with concerns over grid stability and sustainability. The need to modernize your grid is as pressing and real as it is complex. You need a team that can deliver a holistic approach to distribution system analysis and transformation — one with experience developing and planning strong, smart and sustainable grids.


Our grid modernization and distribution planning consultants guide you through the maze of shifting customer demand and distributed energy resources/distributed generation (DER/DG) by aligning your business with technology and master planning that solve for reliability concerns, decarbonization mandates, electrification growth and renewable generation. We work with you to:

  • Look ahead, see what’s next and plan accordingly.
  • Conduct electrification, distributed generation and asset renewal studies.
  • Develop grid interconnection and planning standards.
  • Plan for reliability optimization.


Our vast experience affords us the ability to look forward and ask what’s coming next, helping you think about trends that are impacting your systems now and in the future. We help you take a measured approach to adopting new technologies. Our consultants can:

  • Approach grid modernization analysis with a steady, practical mindset, developing a plan that maps out timing and sequencing while aligning with your business goals.
  • Leverage deep understanding of the industry, coupled with extensive financial and technical knowledge.
  • Assist you at any stage of your modernization plan.