Transmission Generator Interconnects

New generation requesting interconnection to the system is skyrocketing and the queue backlog has grown substantially. Proper planning and thorough system analysis will help reduce the potential risk on both generation development and the power grid.


Our consultants provide support related to generation development and system impact evaluation. From feasibility studies to ad hoc support, we provide assessments in a variety of ways, including:
  • Generation development: injection capacity analysis, shadow study evaluations, interconnection application, study model development and validation, and electrical studies to confirm equipment rating.
  • System impact evaluation: feasibility, system impact, facility, material modification, surplus, interim and limited operation studies.


1898 & Co. consultants have significant experience in generator interconnection studies. Our team also understands the broader industry landscape, with insights rooted in the long-term planning horizon, preparing clients to maximize and protect their investments. Our team has:

  • Experience working with a range of technologies, including conventional, solar, wind, energy storage and hydrogen.
  • Access to a team with more than 100 professionals across the country, offering regional and local experience and knowledge.
  • A culture committed to making our clients successful and leading the industry forward.
  • Extensive experience with utilities, independent service operators and developers.