Economic Transmission Planning

With rapid changes in power generation supply — from fossil power to renewable generation capacity — power markets are becoming more dynamic, with bigger and more frequent fluctuations in pricing. Being able to understand where markets are going and how to manage delivery bottlenecks that may affect your systems is critical to being successful. We work with independent system operators, power generators, load servicing entities, developers and other market participants to develop actionable transmission plans and solutions.


We work to understand your specific situation and develop market-informed strategies to manage transmission system bottlenecks. Our team can identify solutions to see that generation and transmission capacity is placed in optimized locations and designed to support future grid development. We help to:

  • Identify near-term transmission issues and potential solutions.
  • Study long-term economic opportunities and network upgrades that could lead to enhanced efficiencies.
  • Make data-driven decisions regarding transmission planning and generation site placement.
  • Complete life cycle cost and benefit analysis of all investment options such as HVAC, HVDC, non-wire alternatives or storage as a transmission asset to meet your future needs.


1898 & Co. consultants draw on vast experience and industry knowledge to help you find solutions to manage electric energy costs for your customers. Our consultants:

  • Have deep industry knowledge, able to pull from experience and tap into understanding of trends.
  • Have worked across every regional ISO and bring market-specific experience to every project.
  • Understand the value proposition of generation and transmission assets in resolving delivery constraints.