Power Supply Procurement

As the energy sector continues to move toward renewable resources, making decisions around investments requires industry knowledge, asset data and experience updating electrical generation and transmission portfolios. Owners and operators need guidance from a team that’s deeply embedded in the landscape of energy, one that’s worked with similar portfolios to address similar challenges.


We equip asset owners and developers with the strategies and analyses needed to confidently address challenges, whether you’re grappling with congestion solutions or long-range asset portfolio development. We help with:

  • Asset valuation and resource procurement.
  • Integrated resource planning.
  • Power supply procurement.
  • Regulatory and strategic planning.
  • Development and management of a customized supplier portal to support the RFP process and promote transparency. 
  • Identification of potential bidders that fit your needs and promotion of the RFP opportunity to generate market interest and response.


Our consultants apply broad market knowledge to help you make investments aligned with your overall business objectives. At 1898 & Co., our consultants understand the industry from every angle — financial, technical and regulatory — and offer pragmatic solutions in a more-than-reasonable time frame. Our consultants:

  • Understand the pressures that come from the need to transition to renewables.
  • Make data-driven decisions that can be shared with key stakeholders.
  • Uphold ethical standards to maintain process integrity.
  • Support decisions with unbiased, informed strategies.
  • Have key contacts across the industry to increase RFP participation.