Operations & Maintenance Optimization

Power plant owners require robust plans to operate and maintain equipment — and to maximize its potential. We help you meet those challenges with executable road maps and tactical people, process and technology improvements that align with your goals.


We rely on our significant knowledge of utility operations to assess cost and equipment performance at any point in its life cycle. We work with you to:

  • Outline goals, vision and priorities and translate them into actionable plans.
  • Develop condition-based maintenance plans to perform the right work at the right time, and to reduce downtime.
  • Create optimized resource allocation plans.
  • Develop strategies to optimize operating equipment output.
  • Audit processes to maximize efficiency.
  • Digitize assets for continuous performance improvement.
  • Use predictive monitoring and diagnostic solution to identify impending equipment failure before it occurs.


At 1898 & Co. we understand operations within the broader industry landscape. We help owners and operators effectively and efficiently manage assets, and can deliver detailed plans that balance the pragmatic with the aspirational. Our team has:

  • Systemwide enterprise experience.
  • The ability to monitor assets with APR software.
  • Operational experience that leads to realistic, actionable solutions.