Margin Capture Assessments

The financial drivers that impact the profitability of gas plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities are complex and increasingly dynamic, with market conditions changing rapidly. The need to improve the performance of existing assets without additional investments is intense. We leverage our industry experience to help asset owners operate more efficiently and effectively with no- and low-capital solutions.


We help you enhance performance with customized programs, generating plans that work with your site, team and procedures. Our team understands the pressures to increase revenue without making significant investments. We help you:

  • Identify cost-effective solutions that range from adjusting product mix to looking at lower-cost feedstocks.
  • Understand potential market dynamics that may impact future conditions and provide critical flexibility to your asset plans to support ongoing profitability.
  • Understand the opportunity cost between your current profitability and an optimized production plan.
  • Develop economic optimization strategies aimed at identifying the most profitable product mix possible.


Our team leads with the pragmatic, offering solutions that will work for your business. We understand your pressure to increase profits in a no- or low-cost way is only mounting. At 1898 & Co., our consultants:

  • Work swiftly, identifying fast fixes that allow you to show an immediate return on investment.
  • Develop a long-range strategy that allows for an effectively efficient and sustainable investment plan.
  • Have significant experience developing customizing plans and working within your constraints.