Generation Benchmarking

In the power generation industry, you’re pressured to balance changing dispatch profiles and increased financial pressures with the need to optimize your current operations and adapt at a rapid pace. We help you benchmark and assess your assets’ performance and operational cost to provide objective, reliable information that provides insights into opportunities for improvement and supports long-term decision-making.


We help you benchmark your power generation, whether you’re looking to understand cost and performance to justify capital investment, track efficiency or analyze consumption. We help:

  • Compare relative peer performance to industry metrics.
  • Justify and prioritize performance or reliability investments.
  • Provide objective, reliable information and offer guidance on the benefits of improvement investments.
  • Optimize your current operation’s assets while evaluating new technologies.


At 1898 & Co., we understand the industry from design to decommissioning, which is why we’re equipped to provide a 360-degree analysis of your unit performance and the costs associated with your portfolio. Our consultants:

  • Bring significant experience to the table, drawing from and building upon successful solutions employed across the industry.
  • Understand the need to balance pragmatic solutions with emerging technologies.
  • Have a track record of innovation in bringing unique solutions designed to work in the real world.