Decommissioning Studies

Estimating the cost to decommission a power plant is a complex endeavor, requiring extensive technical, financial and regulatory knowledge in all phases, from planning to demolition. Our clients call on us because we understand the entire scope of a decommissioning project, whether it’s for a fossil generation facility using coal, fuel oil or natural gas, or for a renewable generation asset using wind, solar, hydro or battery energy storage.


1898 & Co. works with plant owners, operators and investors to understand the cost and requirements of decommissioning, demolishing and conducting environmental remediation activities for a generating facility. From developing a decommissioning plan to providing regulatory testimony support, our team assists a range of clients to:

  • Provide decommissioning planning studies and cost estimates to support zoning approvals, rate development and budgeting activities.
  • Assess the cost, requirements and implications of decommissioning a power plant, whether it’s during the construction planning phase or near the facility’s end of life.
  • Assess the cost of restoring sites to an industrial condition following demolition activities.
  • Navigate the regulatory landscape, including depreciation rate case filings and asset retirement obligations.
  • Provide regulatory and testimony support in front of public service commissions.


Our consultants leverage industry experience to develop detailed plans and strategic insights into cost recovery over the life of the asset. We deliver plans that are actionable, practical and holistic. Our consultants have:

  • Vast experience in every aspect of generation units.
  • The ability to conduct a study from all sides, including technical and economic.
  • An ideal balance of backgrounds, including project development, engineering and financial analysis.
  • A deep understanding of the industry’s nuances.
  • Significant experience navigating various regulatory bodies throughout the United States and providing written and oral testimony.